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A discreet and demanding man, Olivier Tricon has built up a team of twenty or so people around him and he enjoys transmitting his knowledge. His wife Valérie, a granddaughter of winegrowers, assists her husband on the estate. Oliver Tricon has a presence in various international markets, and travels the world marketing his wines. He’s got a weak spot for the land of the rising sun, and exports his wine throughout the world – to Russia, Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, China, and so on. On these trips he makes many discoveries and spends time with his customers.



" Raised by farming and wine growing , I worked in various French regions, then as a cellar master on the family estate. In tandem, I worked as a broker, which led quickly to me setting up my own wine merchant’s. In 1998, I bought Domaine de Vauroux, while developing my wine merchant business. Being in the position to work 4km from Chablis meant I didn’t lose my identity and enabled me to see the big picture and thus work in a completely independent manner. Once my wine has been bottled I don’t really have much more to say about it, rather I prefer to let it speak for itself and to share it with you. " 

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| The quintessence of the Maison Olivier Tricon |

This Chablis Grand Cru is produced on 0.70 hectares. It is a part of the seven Grands Crus. In this wine you can feel all the fineness and richness of a great Chardonnay


Light gold, expressive, soft and fresh body, a wine full of promises. Full and pleasant, it has a brilliant and light appearance of fine wines as well as a great aromatic persistency. Pairs well with dishes like Fettuccine with winter truffles, lobster roll with turnip or braided bread with quinoa and pesto.



| The freshness of the soil makes it the tightest of the 1 er Cru |

Premier Cru Beauroy is located on the left bank of the Serein.

The vines take benefit from dry East winds, guaranteeing perfect healthy growth.Thanks to its steep slope and its shallow soil, Beauroy offers balanced wines.


Delicate wine, typically aromatic with rich bouquet of mixed flowers.

The mouth is round and full. It is a perfect balance between strength and fineness. Typical of Chablis. On the palate, the first sip offers a rich bouquet of lemons and citrus. Long finish with fruity aromas and a touch of honey at the end. The following dishes pairs well with : Hot and cold hulled oysters, chervil Butter Pike, goose or duck foie gras.



| Emblematic cuvée of the Maison Olivier Tricon |

The vines of Chablis sit on Kimmeridgian soil and have the best exposures for a fresh and mineral wine. The terroir of Chablis has a good balance of acidity and finess


Brilliant pale yellow with green tints. Lovely nose combining citrus fruits, acacia, candied and mineral notes. Ample attack flowing into a

well-structured, ripe, rounded and concentrated palate where

well-integrated freshness adds depth. A Chablis with real allure. Pairs well with Seafood platters, Tempura snails and goats cheese.



| A wine of pleasure to share without complex |

Burgundy Chardonnay highlights this grape variety which is now universal. It is a wine of initiation, opening on AOC Villages, Premiers Crus, and Grands Crus.


Pale yellow with green tints. Expressive nose combining white-fleshed fruit notes and a touch of gunflint. Rounded, ample, harmonious palate offering up the same quality nose aromas then flowing into a trace of spice. An enjoyable wine for white meats - starters like Mussel cassolette, Cold colin, Poultry, or Veal Blanquette.

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